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The Group employs dielectric techniques to study local and longer length-scale molecular dynamics and charge transport processes, as well, in various materials, such as polymer nanocomposites, and to follow on line physical and chemical processes (Nanotechnology). Heat transport processes are studied by thermal diffusivity measurements. Thermal transitions (glass transition, crystallization/melting, curing effects) are investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC, TMDSC). Sorption/diffusion analyzers are employed for vapor sorption and diffusion studies, in relation to sensor activities based on electrical and dielectric measurements (Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy). SEM, AFM, FTIR Raman spectroscopy and XRD are employed for morphology characterization. The Group has access also to SAXS, SANS and dielectric breakdown facilities in the frame of collaborations in Greece and in abroad.

Service Provision Laboratoy

The Group has made valuable contributions in several topics

  • investigation of the structure-property relationships in various nanotechnology -based materials
  • development of methodologies for using dielectric techniques for structural and morphological characterization
  • measurements and modeling of electrical conductivity in composites consisting of conducting and insulating regions, as well as on proteins and other biomaterials
  • effects on the structure and local dynamics of water and glass-forming liquids induced by confinement in small volumes of nanometer size
  • hydration properties of polymers and biopolymers, including both the various forms of water organization within these materials and the effects of water on the structure and local dynamics of the matrix material
  • investigation of glass and glass-like transitions in proteins and other biomaterials
  • transitions in thermally responsive materials and the characterization of stimuli responsive surfaces
  • modeling of heat transport process in polymers and nanocomposites
  • characterization of global transport properties of materials (charge, heat and mass transport)

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