Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS)

or else Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (DRS)

Novocontrol (Germany) Alpha Frequency Response Analyser

combined with Quatro liquid nitrogen cryosystem

-150 oC → 400 oC, 10 mHz → 10 MHz

Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents (TSDC)

TSDC setup of Novocontrol (Germany)

Novocontrol Quattro Liguid Nitrogen cryosystem (-160 oC up to 450 oC)

Keithley 6517B sensitive electrometer (100 aA) / Home made voltage source (1000 V)

Continuous heating/cooling and capability of thermal (window)  sampling

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Conventional and Temperature Modulation mode, temperature range: -180 oC up to 750 oC

Q200 TA Instruments (USA) ,  Q20 TA Instruments (USA)   and  Pyris 6 Perkin Elmer (USA)

Thermal Conductivity – Laser Flash Analysis (LFA)

LFA 467 HyperFlash  by NETZSCH (Germany)

Thermal diffusivity / conductivity / heat capacity measurements, temperature range: RT – 500 oC

Water and Organic Vapor Sorption/Diffussion

VTI-SA-Plus Analyser by TA Instruments (USA)

Isothermal and dynamic

Temperature range: 15 oC up to 150 oC

High Frequency Spectrscopy

HP 4291A HF impedance/material analyser / Espec SU-240 temperature chamber

Dielectric measurements at high frequencies

106 – 1.8 x 109 Hz

Dielectric Measurements ‘in situ’

Dielectric measurements during processing of polymeric materials (curing, cross-linking etc.)

HP 4284A precision LCR meter (20 – 106 Hz) / Thermo Heraeus Series 6000 VacumTherm oven

Gas Sensing

study of gas sensors (e.g. based on polymeric membranes)

by in-situ DRS and dc electrical measurements in various environmental conditions.

Lab-developed / calibrated apparatus

AC / DC electrical measurements

High sensitivity programmable equipement by KEITHLEY

2182A Nanovoltometer  –  6517B Electrometer  –  6220 Prevision Current Source

Small Chemistry Lab

For synthesis of polymeric materials, preparation of water vapor atmospheres,

initial materials characterization

High Sensitivity Balance

down to 0.01 mg, Mettler Toledo

online recording by PC connection

Water Vapor Sorption

IGA-Sorp (HIDEN Isochema, UK) Ultra high sensitivity balance

Relative humidity range: 10 – 98 % relative humidity, Temperature range: 10 – 60 oC

Gold Sputtering

Electron Microscopy Sciences (USA)

gold / gold-palladium / palladium