Project No 62304800 (Programma Plaisio EMP)

Our laboratory can provide service on the following areas of materials characterization:

Electrical Conductivity – Investigation of electrical conductivity effects, in the frequency range of 10-2 – 107Hz, and determination of dc electrical conductivity of materials (in the range of 10-20 – 104 S/m with uncertainty better than 2%, e.g. according to ASTM-D257, ASTM-D4496). Measurements of 2 and 4 electrodes can be employed. Surface conductivity values can be determined next to volume conductivity parameters. Determination of dielectric constant.

Thermal Transition Characteristics – Determination of the degree of crystallinity for various polymeric materials following several thermal protocols. Study of crystallization kinetics. Determination of glass transition temperature , e.g. according to EN 12614, ISO 11357-2, for various thermal histories of the material. Accurate determination of specific heat capacity of materials and its temperature dependence. Study of the curing process for thermosetting polymeric materials.

Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity – Determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity for various materials (in the range of 0.1 to 500 W/mK for thermal conductivity with uncertainty better than 5%, e.g. according to EN ISO 22007-4, ASTM E-1461).

Solvents, Water and Gas Permeability and Sensing – Investigation of water and organic solvents vapors sorption effects on materials, e.g. according to EN 12088, EN ISO 62. Determination of the related diffusion constants and investigation of the underlying sorption kinetics effects. Determination of the permeability parameters of various materials to those vapors. Study of gas sensing abilities of various materials.