Zacharenia Nikitaki

  PhD student

  Office: room 118
  Telephone: +30 210 772 1712
  Fax: +30 210 772 2932
  Address: National Technical University of Athens,
                Physics Department,
                Iroon Polytechneiou 9, Zografou Campus,
                Athens, 15780, Greece
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Zacharenia Nikitaki is a PhD student in the ''DNA Damage Laboratory'', Physics Department, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens (Greece). She graduated from the same School and completed the MSc course ''Microsystems and Nanodevices'' also in NTUA.

She has been involved in the investigation of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation effects on biological matter. Her interests are the use of DNA damage biomarkers in radiation therapy and improvement of detection sensitivity of various techniques like the γ-H2AX assay, Photodynamic effects at the cellular and Radiodosimetry through Dicentric Chromosome Assay.