Olga Vasileiadi

PhD student

Office: room 110
Telephone: +30 210 772 2974
Fax: +30 210 772 2932
E-mail: ovassiliadou@yahoo.gr
Address: National Technical University of Athens,
                Physics Department,
                Iroon Polytechneiou 9, Zografou Campus,
                Athens, 15780, Greece
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Ms. Olga Vasileiadi received her Diploma in Physics by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and her MSc in “Microsystems and Nanodevices” by the National Technical University of Athens-NTUA. She is currently a PhD candidate in Physics Department, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of NTUA, under the supervision of Associate Professor, Dr. A. Kyritsis. She is performing thermal and dielectric measurements in complex polymeric systems using the experimental techniques of Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy [DRS], Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents [TSDC] and Differential Scanning Calorimetry [DSC], with the overall objective of studying the properties of hydration and water organization in such systems which present a strong and particular interest in bio-applications.


A. Campanella, A. Bras, K.N. Raftopoulos, C.M. Papadakis, O. Vassiliadou, A. Kyritsis, M.S. Appavou, P. Muller-Buschbaum, H. Frielinghaus. Dielectric relaxations of nanocomposites composed of HEUR polymers and magnetite nanoparticles. Polymer, 96, 70-80, 2016. (download)