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Member of the Dielectric Materials Group

Physics Department, NTUA, Zografou Campus, 15780, Athens, Greece


tel.: +30 210 772 2978

Office 112a

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Selected Publications

  • Klonos P.A., Peoglos V., Bikiaris D.N., Kyritsis A. Rigid amorphous fraction and thermal diffusivity in nanocomposites based on poly(L-lactic acid) filled with carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (2020) 5469-5479. (download)
  • Logakis E, Pollatos E., Ch. Pandis, V. Peoglos, I. Zuburtikudis, C.G. Delides, A. Vatalis, M. Gjoka, E. Syskakis, K. Viras, P. Pissis. J. Structure-property relationships in isotactic polypropylene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocompositesComposites Science and Technology. 70 (2010) 328-35. (download)
  • Peoglos V., Logakis E., Ch. Pandis, P. Pissis, J. Pionteck, P. Pötschke, M. Mičušík, M. Omastová. Thermal and electrical characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced polyamide 6 nanocompositesJournal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 3 (2007) 116. (download)
  • Peoglos V. Exoelectron emission as emission of hot electrons. Physica Status Solidi 201 (2004) 2953-2965. (download)
  • Peoglos V., Christodoulides C. Thermoluminescence, exoelectron emission and electron affinity of a KCl thin film. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 34 (2001) 862. (download)
  • Peoglos V. Measurement of the magnetostatic force of a current circuit on a part of itself. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 21 (1988) 1055. (download)