GERMAN-GREEK Workshop 2016 “Nano-structured soft materials: from polymer self-assembly to stimuli responsive materials”

Workshop Photos

From September 26 to 30, 2016, the German-Greek workshop "Nano-structured soft materials: from polymer self-assembly to stimuli responsive materials" will be held at at the Multimedia Amphitheatre in the Library Building of the National Technical University in Zografou Campus, Greece. (NTUA map)

(Left) library and multimedia building of NTUA - (right) entrance to Multimedia Amphitheatre

The field of nanotechnology is one of the most popular areas for current research and development in basically all technical disciplines. Materials based on polymers and exhibiting a structure at the nano-scale are in the focus of interest in material science over the last years. Polymers with defined size, shape, architecture and chemical functionality, either from biological or non-biological origin, are among the most prosiming and versatile building blocks for nano-structured materials. These materials already find significant technological applications in the fields of nanoelectronics, electrospun nanofibers, polymer-based biomaterials, nanoparticle drug delivery, miniemulsion particles, layer-by-layer self-assembled polymer films, polymer blends and nanocomposites. 

Self-assembly is the key property of matter that leads to hierarchical architecture and in the world of macromolecules leads to unique structure functionality of polymer systems. On the other hand, soft responsive matter is an emerging class of materials which reacts strongly to a weak external stimulus, as temperature of pH. Understanding the nature of these properties is a challenge for materials science.

The workshop is intended for master and PhD students. It will comprise lectures on the properties of nano-structured polymeric materials, synthesis strategies, structural, thermal and dielectric methods for their investigation and computer simulations. The workshop is intended to provide an overview of the state of the art in the field. Recent advances and new directions, challenges and opportunities in the knowledge based design, synthesis, characterization, theory, simulations and applications of nano-structured polymeric materials will be discussed in a scientific atmosphere that will encourage the exchange of ideas. Hands on experience will be gained during laboratory experiments. A poster session will allow for discussion of systems and methods.

On September 28, a visit of the archaeological site of Acropolis of Athens and the new Acropolis museum and a dinner in a Greek Taverna are planned. 


  • The poster of the Workshop can be found here
  • The program can be found here


Poster session

Abstracts for poster presentations in any topic related with the nanoctructuted polymeric materials should be sent to Mrs Dionysia Aravopoulou ( Posters (maximum 110x90 cm) will be presented in a special poster session in the afternoon of September 27.



Registration and attendance of the Workshop is free of charge. The number of participants will be limited and interested students/young scientists should express their interest by sending the application form, dully completed, to the e-mail address stated in the form, by 21st of September, 2016.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (, for further information

The workshop is part of the program "Hochschulpartnerschaften mit Griechenland" by Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD.

Workshop organizers

Prof. Apostolos Kyritsis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Prof. Christine M. Papadakis, Technical University of Munich, Germany