Ifigeneia Mavragani

  PhD student 

  Office: room 118
  Telephone: +30 210 772 1712
  Fax: +30 210 772 2932
  E-mail: ifimav@mail.ntua.gr
  Address: National Technical University of Athens,
                Physics Department,
                Iroon Polytechneiou 9, Zografou Campus,
                Athens, 15780, Greece
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Ms Ifigeneia Mavragani is a PhD student in the Biophysics/DNA Damage Laboratory (Physics Department, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, NTUA) under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Alexandros Georgakilas. She recieved her diploma in Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences by the NTUA in 2014 and her MSc in Medical Physics & Radiation Physics by the Medical School of University of Athens (UOA) in 2016. She is mainly focused on the investigation of ionizing radiation-induced systemic effects, using techniques such as the γ-H2AX assay and constant field gel electrophoresis, as well as Monte Carlo DNA damage simulations.



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  • Z. Nikitaki, I.V. Mavragani, D.A. Laskaratou, V. Gika, V.P. Moskvin, K. Theofilatos. K. Vougas, R.D. Stewart, A.G. Georgakilas. Systematic mechanisms of ionizing radiation: a new 'old' pradigm of how the bystanders and distant can become the players. Seminars in Cancer Biology, 37-38, 77-95, 2016. (download)
  • I.V. Mavragani, D.A. Laskaratou, B. Frey, S.M. Candeias, U.S. Gaipl, K. Lumniczky, A.G. Georgakilas. Key mechanisms involved in ionizing radiation-included systemic effects. A current review. Toxicology Research, 5, 12-33, 2015. (download)
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Book Chapters

  • V.I. Hatzi, D.A. Laskaratou, I.V. Mavragani, G.E. Pantelias, G.I. Terzoudi, A.G. Georgakilas. Oxidative stress and DNA damage association with carcinogenesis: A truth or a myth? in S.M. Roberts, J.P. Kehrer, L.O. Klotz (Eds.). Studies on Experimental Toxicology and Pharmacology, Chapter 6, pp 103-129, 2016, Springer International Publishing. (download)
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